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Adoption Procedures

1) Read Through our site and familiarize yourself with our policies and adoption process.

2) Submit an Adoption Questionnaire or speak with us.

3) Once Approved, submit the non-refundable deposit.

4) We will keep in touch via text message, messenger or email and on the Puppy Page with lots of info about upcoming litters.

5) When a litter is born, we email the waiting list and at that time you can decide if you are ready for a puppy or choose to wait. If you decide to join this litter, please start making plans for your puppy to come home in 8 weeks, as delivery day is planned at birth, and cannot be changed at the last minute.


Deposits can be used toward any litter of your choosing and do not expire. However, once you have decided to join a particular litter you have until no later than 4 weeks to back out. If you back out after Choosing Day, for any reason, your deposit is considered forfeit.

If you realize a litter is not going to be ideal timing for your schedule, contact us and we can discuss what alternatives are available to your family.

If you would like to wait for the next litter, now is the time to do so----and we will happily move you to the list of your choice. We have no problem working with families, and understand schedules and the importance of timing--- for you and for us! .

We plan our waiting list program specifically to avoid last minute complications. We pour a great amount of time and care into the placement process. The well-being of the puppy is always considered first, and this is why we like to see them in their forever homes at the correct time of the puppy's development. The timing is absolutely crucial for the bonding of the puppy and it's forever family----So if you are going to change your mind, please do this before the puppy is 4 weeks of age.

We will gladly transfer a deposit to another litter as long as we are notified by 4 weeks.

6) When you have chosen to move forward with a litter, we will send a series of emails with dates, handouts and info to prepare for your puppy.

We will keep in touch with updates every couple weeks to the litter wait list.

7) Choosing day will be set at 5-6 weeks (when we are able to read the puppies and their personality well)

​8) We will contact each family separately to match up puppies on choosing day. Once puppy has been chosen, final adoption fees and shipping fees are due.

9) Delivery and shipping will be at 8 weeks old.(Rarely there are exceptions to this policy)

How to Adopt

If you are interested in our puppies and waiting list, please take a moment to read through our policies to acquaint yourself to how we raise our puppies. Our adult dogs are our family pets first and foremost, and are a part of our family. All of our puppies are well socialized, raised in our home and started on crate training.

From Day One

Our puppies are born in our family home, where they are kept until their eyes and ears open. We handle the puppies daily to acquaint them to human touch. On warm days the pups are brought outside to play in the puppy yard, and they are lovingly held and played with every day they are living at home. We have found this it be imperative in raising well socialized puppies. These early weeks mold and create the personality your puppy will have for the rest of its life with you.

The puppies available for adoption will be featured on the Puppy Nursery page. If you are interested in any of these darling babies, please contact us to set up a time for a phone appointment to discuss your family's specific needs.  


​The more I raise puppies, the more I am amazed at the different personalities and how they develop! Just like us, each pup has a unique personality that is their very own. I feel it is very important to be watchful of each individual puppy in order to evaluate their personality correctly. In doing so, we are able to help our families in choosing the perfect fit for their home. This is a family member that you will be spending many years with, and I want to be able to find the best match for your particular home and lifestyle.

Discipline VS. Personality:

It is important to remember, a pup's temperament is not a certain indicator of what it will be as an adult. As much time as I put into evaluating the puppies and their temperaments, there are some factors that are environmental in the raising of a puppy. I am a firm believer that a dog's behavior is only as good as the owner's training.

We often find that a puppy will test the waters in the new home. The once docile puppy at our home may try to see if it can have the pack leader position in its new home. Or an outgoing puppy in the litter becomes shy and quiet in the new home, as it is out of its familiar surroundings. Now is the time to establish pack leader and proper discipline to ensure your puppy will adjust easily during this transition. Babying, nervous handling, and not establishing pack leader can confuse a puppy and cause it to act out in many ways. For example, we often hear reports from families that their puppy won't let them brush or groom it without a struggle, or even nipping at the brush. Frankly, I have never experienced a puppy not letting me brush (bathe--- or do anything to it for that matter), as our puppies sense I am the top dog and respect me. The best approach to handling a new puppy is with a calm and confident attitude. The puppy will sense this energy and it will help them relax. Talking in a low, even tone and avoiding high pitched baby talking is the best way to communicate. The high-pitched talking will increase excitement and anxiety in the puppy. We want puppy to respect our authority so we must be the confident pack leader Cesar Milan talks of!

Proper training, socialization and positive discipline must be continued when the puppy is in its new home to ensure the work we have done with your pup is maintained. This dedication on your part will reward you ten-fold when your pup is fully grown and is a well behaved, confident dog. This time during the first weeks is as crucial as the time we have invested in the first 8 weeks. You will build healthy habits, and have a wonderful friendly family member for the rest of his life, while nipping any negative behavior traits in the bud, before it begins!


​We have an On-line Application for you to fill out if you would like to join our waiting list for a puppy. The application has many questions that will help us place the right puppy with each family. Once you have been approved, a non-refundable deposit is required to join the waiting list.


​We deliver for a fee within the state. This is a service we provide for the safety and well-being of our little pups and our families. Not only do the puppies have a smooth transition from our family to yours, but the travel is controlled by our capable hands and we don't have the worry of the unknown that can happen when shipping via cargo once our babies leave our hands. Many times the stress of travel and separation can cause puppies immune systems to be compromised. When we are able to hand-deliver puppies they don't experience any stress what-so-ever!

Occasionally, we will deliver to other locations, and fees will be calculated and estimates given if this option will be available within our schedule.

Long Distance Families---pick up puppy and fly home with puppy as a carry on

Due to our top priority being our pups well being and safety we do not ship via cargo and instead offer this option to our long distance families. If you live out of state, you can fly in and pick up the puppy and fly back with the puppy under the seat as a carry on. We invite our families to meet us at our home and pick up their puppy, or we can meet you at the airport with health certificate and puppy. Your new puppy has you to keep it company the entire flight and is safe and sound! Carrying puppy on flight is not only the safest for the puppy, but typically the same cost as shipping via cargo.

Out of state air delivery --- Dependent on our availability we may be available to fly your puppy to your airport of choice and hand deliver them to you. Fees for this service will be quoted on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.

NOTE:: There are RARE occasions that the litter is smaller than anticipated or a breeding does not result in a pregnancy. On that RARE occasion that there are only 2 or 3 pups, or the breeding did not result in a pregnancy, the wait may be a little longer. This is BEYOND our control but it can happen. Please make sure understand this BEFORE You submit your deposit. There will be NO refunds and NO exceptions.

For waiting list availability--please feel free to email us BEFORE submitting your deposit.

We reserve the right to refuse any application if we feel the environment or home would not be ideal for the puppy being requested

Information About Your Deposit:

Reviewing an application usually takes 48 hours or less, and we will send out confirmation that we have received your application. Incomplete applications will be returned for revisions.

Please be sure to think over the decision of adopting a puppy, as the $500.00 deposit is non-refundable. If you choose to back out, the deposit is your forfeit.

​ Keep in mind that we have no control over nature and how many puppies we will have in a litter. We do our best to provide a puppy in the time frame requested on the waiting list, but sometimes nature has it's own ideas about things!

​If we accept your application you will be required to send a non-refundable $250 per puppy deposit. We cannot place a puppy on hold until a deposit is made. This will guarantee you a place on our waiting list and will be deducted from the adoption fee, leaving balance due in CASH/E- Transfer, once your puppy has been chosen after personality testing. All payments will need to be made before the pick up/delivery day.

If a family asks us to hold a puppy after the expected deliver date, we do require full payment of adoption fee before we can board the puppy. We want our puppies and new families to have a stress free transition from our home. Just give us a call if you need special arrangements, We love to work with you!

Applications are dated the day deposits are received, first pick of puppies is made in the order applications and deposits are received.

If you indicate you are interested in adopting two puppies, TWO deposits of $500.00 are required and must be received before the litter is offered to the waiting list for choosing. Once a deposit is submitted with an application, you will secure your place on our waiting list. If for any reason you decide not to adopt from us, your deposit will be forfeited, and your place on the waiting list will be given to the next family in line.

Continuing Updates Through Pregnancy: ​​​​​​​​

As our females are bred, we will maintain contact VIA email, answering any questions you may have. Please watch for current events and updates on breedings and litters on our Puppy Page. This is where you will find the latest news and it is always updated with information about upcoming litters. We love to get to know our families and encourage any questions you may have about your new baby. All of our puppies are healthy and will receive their first shots, worming, and a lifetime of support!

When you choose a puppy from Virginia Doodles, we are committed to providing support and contact throughout your puppies life.

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