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If you feel one of our puppies is the right breed for you, please tell us a little about your family by filling out the form below.

Keep in mind that we are a small breeder and the wait can be 4-6 months in between litters. We plan all litters in advance around a waiting list to ensure we have committed families that are willing to put the time into their puppy. Through the years, we have found that those who are planning ahead are the most responsible of pet homes, as they are not looking for an impulse buy that they will soon regret when they realize the little puppy is a lot of work. Please think over the decision to adopt a puppy carefully as it is a commitment of many years. We want all of our babies in forever homes where they will be lovingly raised and cared for all their days. 

It is at this time that we ask for serious inquiries only, please fill out the entire form!



Phone Number*

Email Address*

Personal Reference Name and Contact Info

Are you interetsted in a certain upcoming litter or puppy on our site?

Are you considering one or two puppies?

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What gender of puppy are you interested in?

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Names and ages of family members, tell us about your home and family so we can assist in finding the right puppy for your family.

Does everyone agree on adoption of a puppy at this time?

Do you have a fenced yard? If not, do you have plan to keep your puppy safe?

How many hours if any, will your puppy be left alone during the day? What do you plan to do with puppy while you are at work?

Are you prepared for the financial requirements in raising a dog? We recommend high quality food, a specific vaccinatiaon and spay/neuter schedule for our breeds.

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Are you aware of the grooming requirements of a doodle?

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Do you agree to never give away or take your puppy to an animal shelter for any reason? We will take back any of our puppies no matter what the situation.

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Do you understand that a puppy cannot be held without the non-refundable deposit? The deposit will go toward the total adoption fee of your puppy.

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Our puppies are a companion breed. Their sole purpose in life is to love and be loved. Do you agree to raise your puppy as a house pet and provide proper shelter and care? We care about our puppies and their forever homes, if for any reason we learn that one of our puppies has been neglected, abused, or used for breeding, the dog will be repossessed.

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