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Allergy Testing For Your Family

Allergies are what come between many families and their lifelong desire of dog ownrship. As breeders we feel it is our responsibility to assist our allergy sensitive families in their choice of pup, ensuring it will have a forever home and will not have to be rehomed due to an allergy reaction.

While our breeds are considered allergy-friendly and hypo-allergenic, this only means the breed is less reactive than other breeds. Allergies are subjective to many factors and are different for each and every person. Not every person is allergic to dander, some are allergic to saliva, or both. We have successfully placed puppies in homes of many alleregy sufferers, but we have also had a small handful that are reactive. In order to decide if our puppies are a good choice for you, if we cannot arrange for you to meet one of our dogs in your area, we offer a special service that is performed before choosing day, using a simple T-Shirt test.

Absolutely FREE T-Shirt Testing

If you are considering a puppy and suffer from allergies, please let us know so we can arrange to have a T-Shirt Test before choosing day..

You will send us one clean T-Shirt per puppy you are considering, laundered in your detergent. (If you like 2, send two separate shirts, If you like three, send three). We will expose one shirt to each individual puppy, seal it, and send back Priority Mail. The shirt is then worn for at least 30 minutes-to an hour and up to all day, to see if you have a reaction. If you are testing more than one puppy, allow time in-between each T-Shirt test. Most people that react will start to do so within a half hour, however some people have slept in a shirt to see if they react.

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