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Puppy Starter Package

Our puppy starter package includes many of the things that new families need to start out with a new puppy, through my many trials, errors and experience I have put together a great bundle of things to get all of our new families started out on the path to great success!

Included Items:

Size appropriate folding crate

Scent blanket or toy.

Puppy Collar & Leash: Usually pink, purple, red or blue.

Puppy chew toy

Comb and soft slicker brush

Puppy Samples (subject to availability)

Things We Love and Recommend

Bully Stick Chews

These are the most durable chews we have found. Puppies absolutely go crazy for them! This helps to minimize chewing on undesired objects. These are very long lasting. Bully sticks are fully digestible unlike less expensive rawhide treats which have been known to cause intestinal blockages.

Crate Pads

These are a great option for easily keeping puppy comfortable and dry. These are easy to toss in the wash and hold up far better than bolstered beds. Bolstered beds tend to have a very short life span when unattended as they seem to be highly tasty and chewable!

Favorite Puppy Toys

Double Sided Slicker Brush 

Excellent for keeping your puppy mat and tangle free! The flexible design is gentle on the coat and skin while still being very effective at mat and tangle removal.

Stainless Steel Combs

These are the best tool to find even the smallest tangle! The added grip makes combing your puppy easy on the hands. These come in a fine and course combination to work with every coat type.

Conditioning Spray

This spray does a great job of loosening tangles and making brush outs a breeze!

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